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Outlook Mapi Was Unable To Load Gsync.dll PORTABLE

FIX: Corrected issue syncing custom email address types with Google People/Contacts. To leverage this fix please set the primary source to Outlook to trigger the contacts to re-sync from Outlook to Google. If currently using this setting then select the repair tab and reset the sync history to re-sync. v5.5.105 - February 2021 Maintenance updates & bug fixes. v5.5.104 - February 2021 UPDATE: Improved to speed of the Google contact sync when handling rate limit response with Google People API. v5.5.103 - February 2021 FIX: Corrected No contact photo was found in gSyncit v5.5.102 update. v5.5.102 - February 2021 FIX: Corrected issue where the Outlook background process stays loaded longer than expected after installing the v5.5 update.

Outlook Mapi Was Unable To Load Gsync.dll

Security warning loading gsync.dll. This MAPI provider DLL might be harmful to your system. You should only load DLLs from trusted providers that have been registered in MapiSvc.Inf. This provider DLL will be blocked in a future Outlook client update and its functionality will no longer be available. For more information about registering provider DLLs, see

For Outlook users that have encountered the error "Outlook Mapi was unable to load Gsync.dll", fix the problem by upgrading to the latest version of Outlook. You can update for free for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days, you'll need to purchase a license for the latest version of Outlook for another 30 days.

FIX: When you try to repair an Outlook PST file, you may see a message telling you that [RENAMED] Gsync.dll is already in use by another process. You are unlikely to see this message if you are running Outlook from the start menu. If you are running Outlook from the command line, you may see this error message while trying to repair a PST file.


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