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Thirugnanasambandar Thevaram Tamil Pdf Download

Thirugnanasambandar Thevaram Tamil PDF Download

Thirugnanasambandar was one of the most prominent and influential Saiva saints of the 7th century CE. He composed thousands of devotional hymns in praise of Lord Shiva, known as Thevaram, which are part of the sacred canon of Tamil Saivism called Thirumurai. His life and works are celebrated by millions of devotees across the world, especially in Tamil Nadu, where he is revered as one of the 63 Nayanars.

If you are interested in reading and learning more about Thirugnanasambandar and his Thevaram, you can download a PDF version of his hymns in Tamil from various online sources. Here are some of the websites that offer Thirugnanasambandar Thevaram Tamil PDF download for free:

Download File:

  • : This website offers a collection of six Thevaram songs by Thirugnanasambandar, sung in a unique musical style by Isha Samskriti students. The website also provides the lyrics and meanings of the songs in Tamil, along with an introduction to the life and significance of Thirugnanasambandar. You can download the entire collection as a PDF file by clicking on the "Pay as you wish" button.

  • : This website offers a complete PDF version of Thirugnanasambandar's second Thirumurai, which contains 386 hymns composed by him. The PDF file also includes the original Tamil script, transliteration, and translation in English. You can download the PDF file by clicking on the "Download" button at the bottom of the page.

  • : This website offers a comprehensive article on Thirugnanasambandar, covering his biography, legends, works, temples, festivals, and legacy. The article also contains links to other related articles and external sources for further reading. You can download the article as a PDF file by clicking on the "Download as PDF" link on the left sidebar.

We hope you find these resources useful and enjoyable. Thirugnanasambandar's Thevaram is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom and poetic beauty that can enrich your life and uplift your soul.


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