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PONY Tail Palm

PONY Tail Palm

Pretty cool, slow growing plant that has many Bonsai-esk quality about it.


Ponytail palm is a plant with a confused identity. Not a true palm (the family Arecaceae), it is one of seven species in the genus Beaucarnea or Nolina. The group has been included in the Nolinaceae, Agavaceae, and Ruscaceae. Regardless of its taxonomic designation, this group of small tropical trees is native to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata (or Nolina recurvata) from semi-desert areas of southeastern Mexico, is the species often grown as a low-maintenance houseplant in temperate climates, as well as being used as a landscape specimen in dry, warm climates (zones 9-10). This succulent is often mistakenly called a palm because of its single trunk with leaves at the top. Other common names include Bottle Palm and Elephant’s Foot Tree

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