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100% Authentic French Lavender

100% Authentic French Lavender

Unbelievably Rich in fragrance even as preserved bunches! Description❤❤Product Description ❤❤We wish you can smell these lavender because they are amazing!Aside from the health benefits of the lavender, It is also beautiful to display on your office desk or hang it in the shower to inhale all the good benefits.Talk about beauty and function!Dried FRENCH Lavender Bunch, fragrant lavender, smudge lavender, smudging lavender, smudge herb, lavender bouquet, lavender stems❤❤Care Instructions ❤❤All items are extremely fragile and must be handled with care when unwrapping from the packagingStore in a dry location away from direct sunlight

    $24.99 Regular Price
    $21.24Sale Price
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