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XL BONSAI! Glazed Rectangular

XL BONSAI! Glazed Rectangular

Each Tree varies in charaterisitic and unique qualities with how it looks for your enjoyment


BONSAI TREE – Bonsai is popularized by Japanese people as an art of growing ornamental, dwarf trees. Bonsai Plants is assumed to have the same life cycle of the normal size trees. Growing and taking care of Bonsai’s is one way to relieve stress and will develop as a good hobby. Can be a décor to your home or office. In fengshui, bonsai trees is believe to bring a good luck.

TAKING CARE OF BONSAI – Each Bonsai Trees has a specific care procedure. Most common reason why bonsai tree dies is over watering. Keep in mind that you need to check your bonsai tree frequently. Watering, fertilizing and repotting your tree should always be in your mind. Misting helps tremendously during the dry winter months.

KEEPING BONSAI TREE IN SHAPE –trimming a bonsai tree comes in two ways. First is maintenance-pruning, which means you need to maintain and refine the existing shape of a Bonsai. Second is structural-pruning, which requires more rigorous pruning or trimming to give a tree its basic shape or style.

Juniper Bonsai Tree is 8-12'' inch live plant, comes in a pot with an approximately size of 10-12’’ inches (trees will be shipped in unique pot colors that are either Green, Blue, Ivory, or Black ) and hand cared for by the Chicago Bloom Team

Live Plants - actual tree sizes and shape varies from pictures shown because no two plants are identical in nature.

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