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AST Curve Cube Planter - Self-watering M

AST Curve Cube Planter - Self-watering M

Searching far and wide for the most beautiful, unique, yet affordable planters was not easy. Like this one; we have hand selected all of our planters to ensure they meet our standards for your enjoyment. 

This product: Featuring a contemporary sleek look, this one-of-a-kind planter makes the perfect vessel for your favorite greenery. With an internal self-watering feature, the Water-Minder, your plants will stay hydrated with less frequent watering. The outdoor-ready pot includes a removeable rubber plug on the bottom of the planter to allow for proper drainage. Made from a durable plastic and stone mixture, the planter is weather-resistant and built to last. Create a refined look by combining various colors and sizes of these planters in a stunning vignette.

Note: Review product measurements in each photo to ensure your item is the size you need. Due to the unique circumstances that Covid-19 has created nationwide, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We hope you appreciate these and other steps we are taking to preserve the health and well-being of all our customers alike at Chicago Bloom!
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