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Asplenium Crispy Wave - Fern 4"

Asplenium Crispy Wave - Fern 4"

Asplenium Crispy Wave


The Asplenium Crispy Wave is one of the more distinguished kinds of ferns. It is recognized by its green, shiny, and upright leaves. If properly cared for in small plant pots, these leaves will sprout from the heart of the plant. It makes for a great living accent to your bathroom or kitchen when grown in small pots. They can be kept at about the size of a Japanese bonsai and require frequent water but little sunlight.

Crispy Wave is part of a larger family of plants that contain over 700 species. The Asplenium branch of the family is found mainly in Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe. It originated in Japan and Taiwan, where today it grows on branches and rocks with high levels of moisture.

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