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GIFT CARD **Chicago Bloom**

GIFT CARD **Chicago Bloom**

***To purchase GIFT BOX FOR CARD (sold separately)*** SEARCH GIFT BOX***

💯🙌 BEST GIFT IDEA đŸ’đŸ€©đŸŒ± A gift card to CHICAGO BLOOM đŸŽđŸ„łđŸŒ±đŸŒ” is the Gift that keeps on giving! Our team members can help them pick out the best plant + planter & put it all together with 100% organic potting mix right on site as they enjoy browsing our indoor urban jungle & soon to open Garden Restoration Antiques/Vintage finds! đŸ„°đŸžđŸŒ± **gift boxes are not included, but available for purchase.

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