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A information: user id and other information such as age/gender Querying and returning user information is generally carried out in its own DMP or a third-party DMP, which is used to locate and understand the user information in the bidding request. Process 4: The DSP side queries and returns the information of user A according to the Bulk SMS Service user ID in the bidding request, and then matches it with the placement orientation to decide whether to participate in the bidding and the bidding method If user A's information does not meet the delivery targeting requirements, the DSP will not participate in the auction. If user A's information meets the delivery targeting requirements, the DSP will bid according to the set bidding method. Process 5: ADX/SSP conducts bidding after receiving bid responses from all DSPs. After the auction, ADX/SSP needs to send a bidding message (whether it is successful) to each DSP, and return the advertising information (CPM price/creative material/other information) of the winning DSP to the supplier (Weibo)

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