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Download Pathloss 4.0 Software Download

Pathloss uses terrain, antenna and microwave radio data to calculate suitable scenarios for microwave linking. 4RF offers Pathloss data files (Pathloss 4.0 mrs) for the Aprisa XE radio. Information on importing these files is in a PDF file contained in the download.

download pathloss 4.0 software download


THE SOFTWARE MAY BE SUBJECT TO AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES, AS DESCRIBED FURTHER IN SECTION III, AND YOU ALSO HEREBY CONSENT TO SUCH UPDATES. If You do not agree to such updates, You are not permitted to, and You must not, download, install, access or use the Software.

*Ubiquiti does not provide downloads of some legacy software and firmware, due to regulatory restrictions and security considerations. It is always recommended that you run the latest software to ensure greatest performance and security. If you require older versions of the software, please email

Known Issues: Norton (Symantec) false positive. When attempting to download & install from, Norton 360 (antivirus software) removes the installation program from the download and says it contains the WS.Reputation.1 virus. This does not mean Norton has detected a virus. Norton uses an internal "reputation based" data base of programs as part of their virus protection scheme, and if it encounters a program unknown to Norton, it summarily quarantines it, even if it is not a virus.

  • Download installation file for AppCAD 3.0.2 File name: "setup.exe"

  • File size: 14.5 MB (14,491,753 bytes)

  • Description: AppCAD Version 3.0.2

  • Instructions: Download "setup.exe" to any convenient subdirectory on your HDD. After downloading, double click this executable file from your Windows Explorer to automatically install AppCAD. Click here to download SETUP.EXE (ver 3.0.2)

  • AppCD License

  • If errors occur during installation or execution, some suggested causes and solutions are: Not logged on as a local user or a domain user (Win NT, 2000). You must be logged in as a user with administrative privileges to install software that uses new system components and make changes to the registry.

  • Incomplete installation or conflicts with other running programs during installation. Try installing from a clean boot.

  • Errors can be caused by anti-virus software. Try turning it off temporarily during installation.

  • Corrupted setup file as the result of incomplete for faulty download Try re-downloading the setup file. (The downloaded "setup.exe" file for ver 3.0.2 should be 14,491,753 bytes.)

  • Operating system incompatibility or out-of-date Windows Installer software. AppCAD has been verified to install and run on these operating systems: • Windows 2000 Professional • Windows XP • Windows NT 4 with Service Pack 6 (SP6) or later • Windows 98 • Windows 95 - Windows 95 version 4.00.950c or later Make sure you have installed the latest Windows Service Packs (a.k.a., bug fixes) from Microsoft. Windows updates are available from:

  • Error in the Windows Installer software that performs file extraction. This is a known error for Windows NT as of Service Pack 6 which requires Service Pack 6a to fix the problem, and Windows 2000 as of Service Pack 1 which requires Service Pack 2 to fix the problem.

  • If upgrading from an older version of AppCAD, the older files should be automatically overwritten with new files. However, it may be useful to uninstall any previous versions before re-installing the new one.

The Anritsu Software Tool Box contains tools to help you make the most of your Anritsu RF Handheld Instruments. This installer may not require internet access while running. See the software tools pages for details.Anritsu Software Tool Box includes Line Sweep Tools, Master Software Tools, Wireless Remote Tools, easyTest Tools, and easyMap Tools. This stand-alone installer will download all Anritsu software needed to install your chosen PC Tools software, and do so all in one file. This is ideal if you will be doing the installation on a computer without internet access. Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers may still need internet access to download the Microsoft .NET 3.5 suite of support files.

R&S assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications-line failure, theft, or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, entries. R&S is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, or software, or for failure of any email or entry to be received by Rohde & Schwarz on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any Web site, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to participant's or any other person's computer related to or resulting from participation or downloading any materials in this Draw.

This "Soft Cap Limit Alarm" for Edge Tunnels is confusing to the customer as there is no actual cap at 60% utilization. The only meaningful cap is the maximum specified tunnel limit for an Edge model. Edge tunnel limits for all Edge models can be found in the VMware SD-WAN Edge Platform Specifications datasheet, a download link to the most current datasheet is located at the bottom of the VMware SD-WAN Hardware Guide page.

For the Spoke Edge's public links, the link statistics are loaded with the value measured against the Spoke's connected Hub Edge instead of the Primary Gateway, which is then uploaded to the Orchestrator and displayed for the download bandwidth.

Incognito requires enabling 3rd party cookies. Turn on 3rd party cookies and retry the operation. On an unsuccessful download the user would observe a screen which reads either "Error occurred contact your administrator" or for files from a custom web server: "This page is not working". Occasionally some web servers or Files may have a variance in File signature, that the Cloud Web Security Service may not be able to recognize, and hence this issue. 350c69d7ab


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