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Borislav Pekic Besnilo Pdf Download

Borislav Pekic Besnilo Pdf Download

If you are looking for a pdf download of Besnilo, a masterpiece novel by the Serbian writer Borislav Pekic, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some information about the book, its author, and the best sources to download it for free.


What is Besnilo?

Besnilo (Rabies) is a novel by Borislav Pekic, published in 1983. It is the first part of his anthropological trilogy, which also includes Atlantida (Atlantis) and 1999. The novel is set in London's Heathrow Airport, where a biological catastrophe caused by a mutated rabies virus breaks out in the summer season. Thousands of passengers and staff are trapped in the quarantine zone, where they face not only the deadly infection, but also the madness and violence within themselves and their environment. The novel explores the themes of human nature, civilization, religion, science, and apocalypse, using various literary genres and styles.

Who is Borislav Pekic?

Borislav Pekic (1930-1992) was a Serbian writer, scenarist, and academician. He was born in Podgorica, Montenegro, and spent most of his life in London, where he died. He was one of the most prominent and influential authors of Yugoslav and Serbian literature, known for his experimental and innovative works. He wrote novels, short stories, essays, dramas, and screenplays. Some of his most famous works are Zlatno runo (The Golden Fleece), Vreme čuda (The Time of Miracles), Kako upokojiti vampira (How to Quiet a Vampire), and Zadužbine Nemanjića (The Legacy of the Nemanjids). He was also a political activist and dissident, who opposed the communist regime and advocated for democracy and human rights.

Where to download Besnilo pdf for free?

If you want to read Besnilo online or download it as a pdf file, you can find several sources on the internet. However, not all of them are reliable or legal. Some may contain viruses, malware, or spam. Others may violate the author's or publisher's rights. Therefore, we recommend you to use only trusted and verified websites that offer free and legal downloads of Besnilo pdf. Here are some of them:

  • [Laguna]: This is the official website of Laguna, the publisher of Besnilo and other works by Borislav Pekic. You can read an excerpt from the book, see its cover and details, and download it as a pdf file for free. You can also buy a printed copy or an e-book from their online store.

  • [Borislav Pekic]: This is the official website dedicated to Borislav Pekic and his works. You can find information about his biography, bibliography, awards, interviews, and more. You can also read his blog posts and download some of his books as pdf files for free. Besnilo is one of them.

  • [Espreso]: This is a Serbian online news portal that covers various topics such as politics, culture, sports, lifestyle, and more. They have a section for books where they publish reviews, recommendations, interviews, and excerpts from various authors. They have an article about Besnilo where they provide a brief summary and a link to download it as a pdf file for free.

  • [Desig]: This is a website that offers free downloads of various books in pdf format. You can find books from different genres, languages, authors, and publishers. They have a page for Besnilo where you can see its cover, description, rating, and comments from other readers. You can also download it as a pdf file for free.

We hope you enjoy reading Besnilo by Borislav Pekic and appreciate his brilliant writing style and vision. If you like his work, you can also check out his other novels and stories from his website or from other sources. Happy reading!


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