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Long War With Cracked 30

Long War With Cracked 30: A New Soundtrack for the Apocalypse

What do you listen to when the world is falling apart? Some might prefer soothing melodies, others might opt for upbeat tunes, but for those who want to embrace the chaos, there is a new soundtrack for the apocalypse: Long War With Cracked 30.


Long War With Cracked 30 is a musical project by Jessica, a mysterious artist who claims to be from the future. The project consists of a series of tracks that mix distorted vocals, glitchy beats, and eerie sounds to create a dystopian atmosphere. The tracks are named after dates, such as "2023-03-15" or "2024-01-01", and each one tells a story of a different event in the long war that Jessica says will happen in the near future.

The project has gained a cult following on SoundCloud, where Jessica uploads her tracks for free. Some fans have praised the project for its originality, creativity, and realism, while others have criticized it for its negativity, violence, and paranoia. Some have even speculated that Jessica is not a human, but an artificial intelligence that is trying to warn or manipulate humanity.

Jessica has not revealed much about herself or her motives, except that she is from the year 2025 and that she is trying to change the course of history by sharing her music. She has also said that she uses a software called Cracked 30 to produce her tracks, which is a hacked version of a popular music software that allows her to access sounds from different timelines and dimensions.

Whether you believe Jessica's story or not, there is no denying that Long War With Cracked 30 is a unique and intriguing musical project that offers a glimpse into a possible future. If you are curious about what the end of the world sounds like, you can listen to Long War With Cracked 30 on SoundCloud . But be warned: you might not like what you hear.


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