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Hey, everyone! I've been using for a while now to get stock photos for my blog, and I have a question. Has anyone noticed any recent changes in the pricing or subscription options on Depositphotos? I'm considering renewing my subscription and want to know if there have been any updates.

Sergey K
Sergey K
09 de nov. de 2023

I've also been using Depositphotos for quite some time, and I did notice a change in their subscription plans recently. They've introduced a new plan, which gives you more flexibility. You can purchase a pack of credits and use them to download images over time. This can be great if you have fluctuating needs or don't want to commit to a monthly plan. However, the monthly subscription options are still available, and they seem to have expanded their collection, so you'll find even more high-quality photos and graphics to choose from.

I've personally found the On-Demand plan to be quite cost-effective as it lets you download images on your schedule without monthly fees. It's nice to see Depositphotos offering more options to cater to different user needs.



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