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Evhen Kaliuzhnyi
Evhen Kaliuzhnyi

How do you feel about porn?

Growing up, I had been taught to view pornography through a lens of shame and taboo (free porn). It was something to be whispered about in hushed tones, a forbidden fruit that only the morally corrupt dared to taste. However, as I navigated through the maze of online content, I couldn't shake the curiosity that gnawed at the edges of my mind. What was it about porn that captivated and enticed so many people? For too long, I had allowed fear and shame to dictate my relationship with my own sexuality, stifling my desires and silencing my voice. However, through my encounter with porn, I came to realize that sexuality was not something to be feared or repressed but embraced and celebrated as an integral part of who I am.

12 mars

I think so too. I also advise you to try VR porn. It's a whole new level. It really feels like you are there, even if you are not participating, you are definitely there.



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