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Coat Hello Ryo

Coat Hello Ryo: A New Trend in Music

Have you ever heard of Coat Hello Ryo? If not, you are missing out on one of the most innovative and creative musical projects of the year. Coat Hello Ryo is a series of songs composed and performed by different artists using the same title and lyrics. The lyrics are simple and catchy, consisting of only four words: "coat", "hello", "ryo", and "yeah". The challenge is to create a unique and original song using these words as the only vocals.

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The idea of Coat Hello Ryo was inspired by a viral video of a Japanese man named Ryo, who was wearing a coat and greeting people on the street with a cheerful "hello". The video was posted on YouTube in February 2023 and quickly gained millions of views and comments. Some viewers noticed that Ryo's voice had a musical quality and decided to remix his greetings into songs. Soon, more and more artists joined the trend and created their own versions of Coat Hello Ryo, using different genres, instruments, and styles.

Some of the most popular Coat Hello Ryo songs are:

  • Coat Hello! Ryo by Hucikaevenksk: A fast-paced and energetic electronic dance music track that features Ryo's voice as the main melody. The song has over 10 million plays on SoundCloud.

  • Coat Hello Ryo from Clinlaolra: A soothing and relaxing ambient music piece that uses Ryo's voice as a background texture. The song has over 8 million plays on SoundCloud.

  • Coat Hello Ryo by Erik Gold: A funky and groovy jazz fusion song that incorporates Ryo's voice as a scat singing element. The song has over 7 million plays on SoundCloud.

Coat Hello Ryo is not only a fun and creative musical experiment, but also a way to celebrate diversity and collaboration. The project shows how different artists can interpret the same material in their own unique ways, and how music can connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. Coat Hello Ryo is a new trend in music that you should definitely check out.


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