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Free Download Packet Tracer 4.1 Full Version

Free Download Packet Tracer 4.1 Full Version

Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation tool that allows you to practice networking, IoT, and cybersecurity skills in a virtual lab. It is developed by Cisco and used by millions of learners, educators, and engineers around the world. Packet Tracer can help you learn how to design, configure, troubleshoot, and secure networks of various sizes and complexities.

If you are looking for a free download of Packet Tracer 4.1 full version, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to get Packet Tracer 4.1 for free and what are its features and benefits.

free download packet tracer 4.1 full version

How to Get Packet Tracer 4.1 for Free

The latest version of Packet Tracer as of September 2023 is Packet Tracer 8.0, which has many new features and enhancements compared to Packet Tracer 4.1. However, if you still want to use Packet Tracer 4.1 for some reason, you can download it for free from the following steps:

  • Enroll in one of the three self-paced Packet Tracer courses offered by Cisco Networking Academy. These courses are Getting Started with Cisco Packet Tracer, Exploring Networking with Cisco Packet Tracer, and Exploring Internet of Things with Cisco Packet Tracer. You can choose any course that suits your level and interest.

  • After enrolling in the course, you will be able to access the course materials and download the latest version of Packet Tracer for free. You will also get a certificate of completion after finishing the course.

  • To download Packet Tracer 4.1, you need to go to the Resources section of the course and click on the link that says "Download previous versions of Cisco Packet Tracer". This will take you to a page where you can see all the available versions of Packet Tracer from 3.2 to 7.3.

  • Scroll down to find Packet Tracer 4.1 and click on the download link that matches your operating system (Windows or Linux). You will need to log in with your Cisco Networking Academy account to start the download.

  • Once the download is complete, you can install Packet Tracer 4.1 on your computer and start using it.

Features and Benefits of Packet Tracer 4.1

Packet Tracer 4.1 was released in June 2009 and it was the first version that supported IPv6 addressing and routing protocols. It also introduced some new devices and features such as:

  • Cisco ASA 5505 firewall

  • Cisco Aironet wireless access point

  • Cisco IP phone

  • Cisco ISR router with integrated switch module

  • Cisco Catalyst switch with PoE support

  • Generic server and workstation

  • Activity Wizard for creating custom scenarios and assessments

  • Packet capture and analysis tool

  • Real-time mode and simulation mode for different levels of interaction

Packet Tracer 4.1 can help you learn and practice various networking concepts and skills such as:

  • IP addressing and subnetting

  • Routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, and IS-IS

  • Switching protocols such as VLAN, STP, VTP, EtherChannel, and DTP

  • Security protocols such as ACL, NAT, VPN, IPSec, SSL, SSH, and AAA

  • Wireless protocols such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, EAP, LEAP, PEAP, RADIUS, TACACS+, and LWAPP

  • VoIP protocols such as SIP, H.323, MGCP, SCCP, RTP, RTCP, and CUCM

  • IPTV protocols such as IGMP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, MSDP, SSM, MLDv2, and Anycast RP

  • QoS protocols such as IP SLA, CBWFQ, LLQ, WRED, NBAR, and CAR

  • Multicast protocols such as IPv6, ICMPv6, NDP, SLAAC, DHCPv6, and DNSv6

Packet Tracer 4.1 can also help you prepare for various Cisco certification exams such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and CCENT. You can use Packet Tracer to practice the lab scenarios and questions that are similar to the real exam. You can also use Packet Tracer to create your own network designs and test them for functionality and performance.


Packet Tracer 4.1 is a great tool for learning and practicing networking, IoT, and cybersecurity skills. It is free to download and use for anyone who enrolls in one of the Cisco Networking Academy courses. It has many features and benefits that can help you master various networking concepts and protocols. However, if you want to use the latest version of Packet Tracer with more devices and features, you should download Packet Tracer 8.0 instead.


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